Do you charge for tastings?
No we do not.

Where are your vineyards?
The vineyards are located in Rutherglen approximately 10 km’s east of our cellar door.

Do you grow all of your own fruit?
Yes we do. We are the largest growers and producers in the Rutherglen region.

What kinds of wines do you produce?
We produce a range of high quality table wines, both red & white varietals. We also produce some of the more traditional wines that Rutherglen is known for such as the red varietal, Durif, and the fortfied wine, Muscat.

Why do you have more white wines than other Rutherglen wineries?
It is our commitment to redefining the traditions of the region, our climate enables us to grow the Mediterranean white varietals with great success.

Do you accept bus group bookings?
Yes we do. Please make a booking prior to the day of arrival so that we can ensure we have the appropriate staff working.

Do you have a restaurant or accommodation onsite?
Yes we do. We are located within the Tuileries complex and have luxury accommodation, a formal restaurant, cafe and wine bar on the premises.